Hypro 300

The HYPRO 300 is a 3-point carried thinning processor which completes its tasks fast despite its small size and light weight (1550 lbs). Support feet can be adjusted to the desired height.

The 3 feeding rollers (lower and on the sides) are all driven by motors. This machine is especially effective to delimb and cut-to-length trees up to 12 inch (30 cm) in diameter. The woodprocessor has a powerful chainsaw that cuts so fast that the log has no time to fall before the sawbar has made it through the whole trunk.

The integrated hydraulic winch is controlled by a radio remote and makes it easy to get the trees on the machine. Once stopped, the winch is blocked in position. It can also be controlled by a manual lever. The design of the HYPRO 300 allows for easy transport of the trees in the work position.

The control panel of the machine is placed at an ergonomic height and has easy-to-use levers. It allows also to easily adjust the speed in both directions for all functions. The measuring system is located at an optimal place for the best readability.

The HYPRO 300 is mounted on the tractor 3-point and has its own hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump is directly mounted on the PTO of the tractor. The gearbox of the hydraulic system allows to run with decreased engine RPM, reducing the diesel consumption.

Technical specifications:

Weight (oil included): about 1550 lbs (700kg)
Minimum tractor output: 50 hp
PTO speed: 400-450 rpm
Length: 65 inch (1.65 meter)
Widthe: 63 inch (1.6 meter)

Tilt angle: 40°
Slew: 45°

Maximal diameter: 12 inch (30 cm)
Minimal diameter: 1.5 inch (3 cm)

Winch traction force: 1.5 ton
Winch cable length: 114 feet (35 meter)

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