Hypro 450XL

The HYPRO 450 XL is a simple and easy-to-use tractor processor. It is a popular machine that will fill your needs for small final thinnings as well as for first thinnings.

The HYPRO 450 XL can be equipped with a crane with a reach of 13 or 20 feet (4 or 6 meter). The HYPRO crane has been designed to make the work easy near the machine. The crane operates independently of the machine’s position, meaning that the operator is always at the operating panel when using the crane. Placing the brushwood in the extraction path is simple thanks to the slewing arc of 120° and the long reach of the crane. The crane greatly improves the working conditions of the operator.

HYPRO 450 XL has a maximal opening diameter of 18 inch (45 cm) and can delimb trees with a diameter between 2 and 16 inch (5 to 40 cm). It is equipped with a powerful high-speed chainsaw that is hydraulically operated.

The processor is equipped with its own hydraulics, with tank and pump. The hydraulic pump is directly connected to the PTO of the tractor, or with a PTO-shaft if the pump is installed on the shaft of the processor in a different configuration.

The HYPRO 450 XL has a double articulated joint as standard, meaning that the work position can be changed in order to always avoid to let the logs drop near the tractor’s tires. That way, the logs can be sorted already at this stage and the tractor does not drive on them. This will also facilitate the timber haulage. The hydraulic winch on the machine is operated either with the hydraulic levers on the machine, or a handy professional-grade digital radio-controller. As soon as the winch command is interrupted, the machine stops without delay. The winch is always in braked position during winching and when stopped.

The HYPRO 450 XL has a low- and high-speed control that allows a fast feeding speed, 16 ft/sec (5 meter/second). The high-speed function is a major plus in forests that have a low density of trees. The low-speed function works at 11.5 ft/sec (3.5 m/s) and has a high initial torque. Combined with the raw power of the machine, the low-speed function is the best solution in forests with larger trees.

The HYPRO 450 XL is equipped with the C-373 computer with length measurement, photocells that start and reset the measurement cycle and a separate measuring wheel with a pulse transmitter. The MD-320 computer can be installed as an option and will add a log of the processed lengths and diameters for each day. The logged data can be easily printed with a standard PC.

Technical specifications:

Weight (oil included): 2530 lbs (1150 kg)
Minimum tractor output: 65 hp
PTO-speed: 400-500 rpm
Lenght: 59 – 75 inch (1.5 – 1.9 meter)
Width in work position: 63 inch (1.6 meter)

Tilt angle: 60°
Slew: 140°

Maximal diameter: 18 inch (45 cm)
Minimal diameter: 2 inch (5 cm)
Delimbing diameter: 2 – 16 inch (5 – 40 cm)

Winch traction force: 2.2 tons
Winch cable length: 164 feet (50 meter)

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