Hypro 755

The HYPRO 755 is a wood processor on tractor 3-point. It is generously equipped with its own crane with 23 feet (7 meter) reach and a grapple, all with a 280° work radius, allowing felling on both sides.

HYPRO 755 has its own hydraulic unit with pump and tank that is fitted at the front of the tractor. The hydraulic system works with variable speed and optimises speed, strength and smoothness. The HYPRO 755 is also available for tractors that have a built-in variable hydraulic system, as long as they have enough flow and pressure.

The HYPRO 755 is operated with two electrohydraulic controls (EHC) with levers. You can switch from the commands of the processor to the commands of the crane simply by pressing a button. Both can be operated with the same levers. The HYPRO 755 is suitable for thinning as well as for final felling.

A whopping 280° slewing radius and lateral displacement offer a wide range of adjustments to suit the direction of the tree and allow up to 10.8 feet (3.3 meter) between timber stacks.

The HYPRO 755 has a remote controlled hydraulic winch able to winch from both sides. With its tilting pedestal, it has a low center of gravity and remains small for transport. The HYPRO 755 can be equipped with hydraulic struts as an option.

If you have a tractor with reversible driving position, the HYPRO 755 will transform it into a fast, efficient and economical harvesting machine.

Technical specifications:

Weight (oil included): about 3080 lbs (1400 kg)
Minimum tractor output: 80 hp
PTO-speed: 1500-2000 rpm
Lenght: 79 inch (2 meter)
Lenght of crane: 23 feet (7 meter)

Tilt angle: 65°
Slew: 280°

Maximal diameter: 20 inch (50 cm)
Minimal diameter: 1.5 inch (3 cm)
Maximal delimbing diameter: 16 inch (40 cm)

Winch traction force: 2 tons
Winch cable length: 164 feet (50 meter)

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