Hypro 755HB

The HYPRO 755 HB on wheels is a powerful and competitive forestry machine. It connects to the tractor on the same principle as a forestry trailer.

The HYPRO 755 HB comes with its own hydraulics and wide-angle PTO-shaft. The pump and tank mounted on the processor add only about 440 lbs (200 kg) to the weight on the tractor hitch. Therefore it can be used even with small tractors and it is easy to connect and disconnect to change the equipment.

The processor is easy to move with its powerful frame steering and the hydraulic support legs that add more stability when necessary, for example when using the winch or when felling bigger trees with a felling head.

The HYPRO 755 HB wood processor has a 280° slewing radius and +/- 25° articulated steering with double cylinder. Combining those two features makes it easy to adapt to the felling direction and gives a distance between timber stacks up to 10.8 feet (3.3 meters).

The HYPRO 755 HB is controlled by the HYPRO CAN CEH, HYPRO-CAN DUAL system with mini joysticks inside the tractor cabin. A single push on a button allows to switch between grapple and processor modes. HYPRO 755 HB is efficient as well for thinning as for final cuts.

Lengths and diameters are saved in the log data of the HYPRO MD320 computer that is available with all HYPRO 755-series. The log data is saved for each shift and can then be easily saved or printed on a PC. The MD320 saves the number of logs cut, the number of cubic meters and the mean volume for each selected tree species.

The HYPRO 755 HB is an extremely efficient forestry machine with small operating and maintenance costs, simple maintenance and a high resell value. All of this as well as a high ground clearance makes it a harvesting machine that is easy to move, environment friendly and very efficient.

Technical specifications:

Weight (oil included): about 5170 lbs (2350 kg)
Minimum tractor output: 70 hp
PTO-speed: 400-540 rpm
Lenght: 11.8 ft (3.8 meter)
Width in operating position: 8.8 ft (2.67 meters)

Tilt angle: 65°
Slew: 280°

Maximal diameter: 20 inch (50 cm)
Minimal diameter: 1.5 inch (3 cm)
Maximal delimbing diameter: 16 inch (40 cm)

Winch traction force: 2 tons
Winch cable length: 164 feet (50 meter)

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