Hypro FG45

The HYPRO FG45 felling head is a great tool to handle both standing and felled trees. It can be installed on almost any crane with a rotator.

The felling head can cut standing trees up to 12-14 inch (30-35 cm) in diameter. In favourable conditions, it has a cutting capacity for trees with enlarged root bulbs and stunted trees of as much as 18 inch (45 cm) in diameter, which makes it an unique tool regarding its small size and weight.

You can see the FG45 also on the video of the Hypro 755 HB processor.

The HYPRO FG45 is also available as an energy grapple. This version is equipped with a special sawbar that allows the felling of coppiced growth and trees with coarse trunks up to 14 inch (35 cm) in diameter.
The HYPRO FG45 tilts automatically in the upper position for felling when it is fully open. To get it back on horizontal position, simply activate the sawing function.

The valves on the crane must be completed with an extra valve for the activation for the saw motor. This must be a motor slide type which is open directly to tank in its neutral position. The hydraulic tilting joint makes it easy to get to the tree trunks at the right felling angle. The light weight of the equipment allows to use even long reach cranes without stability problems.

Technical specifications:

Optimal diameter: 12 – 14 inch (30 – 35 cm)
Maximal cutting diameter: 18 inch (45 cm)

Tilt angle: 100°

Weight FG45: 372 lbs (169 kg)
Weight FG45 FA: 394 lbs (179 kg)

Saw hydraulic motor: 5cm3/revolution

Hydraulic pressure: 190 – 250 bar

Minimum hydraulic flow: 13.2 gal/min (50 l/min)
Maximum hydraulic flow: 21.1 gal/min (80 l/min)

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